Safe Seats, Safe Kids

Safe Kids

Are your children travelling as safely as possible?

Kidsafe Victoria is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing unintentional death and injury to children through education, advocacy and research. In partnership with Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, Kidsafe runs 40-45 Safe Sets and Safe Kids programs through local neighbourhood houses across Victoria, providing free child car seat installations. This averages out to be approximately 400 installations per week and, so far, has assisted around 25,000 families to keep their children safe on the roads.

Of the more than 16,000 child car restraints across 2022 inspected across Victoria, 86% were incorrectly installed or used, including 47% which required an adjustment, 37% which required a complete refit, and; 2% which needed to be replaced due to issues, including being more than ten years old, having damaged/missing parts, or being an overseas model that did not meet Australian standards.

Typical incorrect installation and usage issues identified as part of the program include Top tether straps that are twisted, connected to the wrong point in the vehicle or not connected to an anchor point at all; Twisted harness straps or harness straps that are at the incorrect height; Seatbelts that are threaded through the wrong path; ISOFIX attachments which aren’t secured correctly, and: Children who have been graduated to the next stage of restraint before they are the correct size.

Education and activities to assist parents and carers in choosing, using and checking their child’s car restraints and other related child safety information will be available at these local events.

Accredited and experienced fitters will be engaged to perform these checks at events to ensure child car restraints are installed and used correctly, as well as to educate families so they are equipped to check that their child is safe in the car every trip.

This service is free; you only need to book your place at your local Neighbourhood House to ensure your children travel safely with you wherever you go.

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Source: Kidsafe Victoria June 2023.