What We do

New and current volunteers and visitors are welcomed at the Eaglehawk Community House daily. Operating in a basic manner requires approximately 15,000 volunteer engagement hours annually.

The Community House offers a variety of daily activities such as food and meal preparation, cooking, packaging, labelling, and storing items for distribution. We also provide “Learn to Cook” classes for beginners and disengaged youth (16-24 years old), hamper assembly, magazine development and distribution, gardening and grounds maintenance, craft activities, administration, cleaning, and emergency food relief.

In addition, we offer assistance to citizens to receive the power-saving bonus and professional services such as free child car seat safety checks, financial counselling, psychology, and advocacy. Furthermore, external facilitators hold classes such as Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, basic computer learning, and singing sessions. 

If you have unique skills to share with the community, we can provide space to hold classes and help you promote them.