The Eaglehawk Community House always has a variety of activities and programs for you to participate in.

Our ongoing projects focus on promoting diversity & inclusion through events, multicultural cooking days, the development of our Community Magazine, and Pre-accredited training opportunities for adult learners. These initiatives aim to provide learners with the educational capacity and core skills they need to succeed in study, work, and life.

Our beautiful gardens are a highlight of ECH, with our talented gardener Rachel planting delicious fruit trees such as apples, pears, apricots, cherries, and raspberry bushes. Along with broad beans and garlic, we will surely see an abundance of produce in no time.

We continue to redesign and develop our green-life spaces, including manageable pathways for those with mobility concerns, new garden beds, and plans for edible gardens and spacious, welcoming areas for community members to come and enjoy the company of others, join in for a BBQ, grab a cuppa, and relax.

Rachel plans fun workshops and regularly catches up with community members to chat and share information about sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices, including composting. She also has a passion for caring for native flora and fauna.

Through our services and projects, ECH facilitates and supports meaningful community engagement, building social capital and fostering a sense of belonging within the local neighbourhood.

If you want to get involved, please fill out a Volunteer Registration Form and email